Max Health Chushi Pithe – 200gms



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MAXHEALTH is synonymous with premium food products. A “hit in household” brand in quality staple food and pulses segment. Each supreme grade product passes through meticulous check before getting hygienically packed in food grade pouches where specs, recipe, usage norms are demarcated.
Cleaned, Processed and graded under strict quality control for superior quality.

Cooking Instruction:
Saute the chushis in 2 tsp ghee & keep aside. In a non-sticky pan, condense 2 litres of milk through slow heating on medium flame. When the milk reduces to one & half liters add the chushis. Gradually add nalen gur or normal sugar as per taste. (Please make sure to stir the milk continuously to prevent it from burning at the bottom). Finally when the chushis are cooked through, and the milk takes the form of kheer, sprinkle a pinch of cardamom power and stir in. Turn off the gas. When the Chushi Pithe wouid come to room temperature, garnish with grated coconutes or cashew nuts [optional]. Serve chilled.

Super quality, Authentic Bengali ingredients and products, hygienically sorted and packed for you to enjoy.

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